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Microfluidic Syringe Pumps

microfluidic syringe pump

Precise delivery of microfluidic volumes.

• Syringe Pumps SPS01
• Syringe Glass and Plunger Sets
• SPS Syringe Tools
• Syringe Starter Package


microfluidic temperature sensor pressure sensor

Accurate feedback for closed-loop pressure and temperature control.

• Pressure Sensor uPS01
• Temperature Sensor uTS01
• Sensor Manifold 4AM01
• Pressure Sensor Starter Kit

Thermal Control

Microfluidic Thermal Control

Reliable cooling and heating to maintain experimental temperature.

• Thermal-Electric Module uTE01
• Power Manifold 4PM01
• Heat Sinks
• Thermal Control Starter Package

Fittings and Capillary

microfluidic interconnects and capillary tubing

Speed microfluidic circuit development with leak-free connectors aand tubing.

• CapTite Fittings and Interconnects
• Tubing and Capillary
• Breadboard Reservoirs