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              LabSmith products take the hassle out of research and product development. Our microfluidics products put you in control of fluid flow, high voltage, pressure, temperature, and imaging—and coordinate them all from a simple software environment. LabSmith products are trusted in laboratories around the world, in applications from microbiology to materials. Our products simplify research and product development, so that you can focus on what matters: science.

              LabPackage Microfluidics Workstation
              LabSmith Microfluidic Flow and Automation Products

              LabSmith’s compact microfluidic components and automation products assemble quickly, with low dead-volumes and rock-solid reliability.

              Microfluidics kits, and a wide selection of microfluidic chips, give you everything you need to complete your setups.

              If your research includes electrophoresis, our high voltage supplies and sequencers offer unprecedented voltage control.

              And, our unique video microscopes capture elusive events in microfluidic or microbiology experiments, with triggering and timing based on real-world feedback.

              There has never been a more complete, and affordable, system for creating and controlling microfluidics.


              LabSmith experimental controllers have been solving precision timing and synchronization challenges for over 20 years. These innovative, multi-channel instruments combine the functions of digital delay generators, pulse generators, clocks, timers, and more. Logic-based signal routing, real-world feedback and unique timing modes help you tame even the most complex test setups.

              LabSmith Timing and Synchronization Products

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