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uProcess Automated Pumps, Valves & Sensors

uProcess microfluidic automation

LabSmith uDevices are part of the uProcess automation system of software and hardware products which provides simple, straightforward automated routing of microfluidic volumes.

CapTite Microfluidic Components


CapTite™ fluid routing components provide leak-free connectivity, even at high pressures, for fluid circuits with 360um capillary, 1/32" & 1/16" tubing.

Microfluidic Kits

Microfluidic Kits

LabSmith's microfluidic kits include everything you need to build and rebuild microfluidic circuits — at a significant savings over purchasing individual components. Choose from microfluidic kits for manual operation or for easy-to-program automation.

Microfluidic Chips

Microfluidic Chips

LabSmith is the US distributor for microfluidic chips from Microfluidic ChipShop and Hummingbird Nano. We also offer a broad line of on-chip accessories to make storing and routing fluids convenient and economical.

Microfluidic Tubing and Capillary


Fused silica capillary from Polymicro and PEEK™ tubing from Zeus are available through LabSmith.

Tools & Supplies


Wrenches, screws, adhesives and other tools and supplies for LabSmith microfluidic components.