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LabSmith microfluidic valves help trajan develop MAST miniature liquid chromatography system mainly aimed at online reaction monitoring

LabSmith Valves Help Trajan Develop Miniature Liquid Chromatography System

By Trajan Scientific and Medical on August 1, 2019.

Trajan Scientific and Medical has announced the development of a miniature liquid chromatography system for online reaction monitoring. Trajan’s MAST (Modular Analytical Separation Technology) relies on LabSmith’s AV201 3-port and AV801 9-port microfluidic selector valves, and AV303 6-port injector valves to help it meet the following design criteria:

• design optimized for performance and low cost
• small footprint and portability
• configurable for isocratic and gradient separations, dilution/derivatization of samples and automated sampling
• suitability to pass tests required by the US Pharmacopeia.

Read more about the application at Trajan’s website here.